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Emory & Henry Athletics Emory & Henry Athletics
P.O. Box 947 12228 Itta Bena Road
Emory, VA 24327 Emory, VA 24327


 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Anne Crutchfield Interim Director of Athletics 276-944-6674 [email protected]
Dana Gentry Boyd Athletics Administrative Assistant 276-944-6233 [email protected]
Trey McCall Assistant Director of Athletics 276-944-6860 [email protected]
Melissa Davis, ATC Assistant Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator 276-944-6786 [email protected]
Joe Matthews Director of Sports Information & Game Day Operations 276-944-6830 [email protected]
Dr. Ben Letson Faculty Athletics Representative 276-944-6153 [email protected]

Athletic Training

 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Melissa Davis, ATC Head Athletic Trainer/Assistant Director of Athletics 276-944-6786 [email protected]
Chaypin Buchanan, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer 276-944-6848 [email protected]
Hannah Clementson, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer 276-944-6787 [email protected]
Cole Ross, ATC Assistant Athletic Trainer 276-944-6304 [email protected]

Strength & Conditioning

 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Mike Caro Strength & Conditioning Coach 276-944-6265 [email protected]


 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Trey McCall Head Baseball Coach/Assistant Director of Athletics 276-944-6860 [email protected]
Chip Schaffner Assistant Baseball Coach 276-944-6239 [email protected]
John Kuczko Assistant Baseball Coach 276-274-7378 [email protected]

Men's Basketball

 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
David Willson Head Men's Basketball Coach 276-944-6363 [email protected]
Matt Galloway Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 276-944-6679 [email protected]
Ronrico White Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 276-944-6679 [email protected]

Women's Basketball

 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Anne Crutchfield Head Women's Basketball Coach/Interim Director of Athletics 276-944-6674 [email protected]
Jaclyn Dickens Associate Head Women's Basketball Coach 276-944-6736 [email protected]
Megan Jacoby Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 276-944-6736 [email protected]

Cheerleading & Dance

 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Kandee Wallace Head Cheer & Dance Coach 276-944-6949 [email protected]

Men's & Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Kamden BeCraft Assistant Track & Field Coach - Sprints/Hurdles 276-944-6888 [email protected]

Intermont Equestrian at Emory & Henry

 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Lisa Moosmueller-Terry IDA Coach 276-669-8398 [email protected]
Heather Richardson IHSA & ANRC Coach 276-669-8398 [email protected]


 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Curt Newsome Head Football Coach 276-944-6234 [email protected]
Joanne Sydnor Football Administrative Assistant 276-944-6743 [email protected]
Josh Wellenhoffer Associate Head Football Coach 276-944-6147 [email protected]
Quintin Hunter Assistant Football Coach/Offensive Coordinator 276-944-6855 [email protected]
Tommy Buzzo Assistant Football Coach/Defensive Coordinator 276-944-6834 [email protected]
Eric Tilson Assistant Football Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 276-944-6652 [email protected]
Stephon Robertson Assistant Football Coach 276-944-6172 [email protected]
Kamden BeCraft Assistant Football Coach 276-944-6888 [email protected]
Mike Snow Assistant Football Coach 276-944-6275 [email protected]
Sanders Henderson Assistant Football Coach 276-944-6673 [email protected]

Men's & Women's Golf

 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Bill Mannino Head Men's & Women's Golf Coach 276-944-6737 [email protected]
Brent Treash Assistant Men's & Women's Golf Coach 276-944-6130 [email protected]

Men's Soccer

 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Robert Richardson Head Men's Soccer Coach 276-944-6699 [email protected]
Brian Butler Assistant Men's Soccer Coach 276-944-6770 [email protected]

Women's Soccer

 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
McCallie Jones-Winstead Head Women's Soccer Coach 276-944-6696 [email protected]
Kendyl Baird Assistant Women's Soccer Coach 276-944-6268 [email protected]


 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Tommy Forrester Head Softball Coach 276-944-6885 [email protected]
Jenae Morrissey Assistant Softball Coach 276-944-6885 [email protected]

Men's & Women's Swimming

 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Cody Skinner Head Men's & Women's Swimming Coach 276-944-6747 [email protected]
Rachel Curtiss Assistant Men's & Women's Swimming Coach 276-944-6945 [email protected]

Men's & Women's Tennis

 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Christine Johnston Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach 276-944-6845 [email protected]


 Name  Title  Phone  e-mail
Kyla King Head Volleyball Coach 276-944-6659 [email protected]