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Emory & Henry College - Athletics Mission Statement

Emory & Henry College - Athletics Mission Statement

Emory & Henry College’s intercollegiate athletics program prepares students for lives of service, productive careers, and global citizenship by instilling in them the traits that serve as the foundation for achieving success.

We believe that academic excellence, high ethical standards, good sportsmanship and equal opportunities are the foundations of our commitment to the well-being of our students.

We strive to provide an outstanding athletics experience in a competitively successful environment and to foster a sense of athletics-based pride and appreciation in our College community.

We espouse the ideals of amateurism, sportsmanship, and fair play as fundamental to an environment in which a student-athlete’s athletic activities are an integral part of their educational experience.


Statement of Principles

The Department of Athletics holds the following principles as fundamental to our mission:


     Work ethic; we strive to develop in all student-athletes a strong commitment to effective work habits which include timeliness, self-motivation, and relentless pursuit of success


  Accountability; we understand that each coach and administrator is accountable to the student-athletes we serve, to the institution, to our alumni and community to produce successful programs while adhering to, and teaching, the highest standards of honesty and integrity


  Service; we believe in the same ethos of service to each other, the institution and the community that was inherent to the formation of Emory & Henry College


  Perseverance; we strive to teach every student-athlete that Wasps never quit, but play hard to the end regardless of the score; this holds true in athletics competition and in all other endeavors in life


  Ethical conduct; we are committed to developing a culture where ethical conduct is held in high regard;  we are committed to following all applicable policies or rules, and reporting any lapses that come to our attention


  Responsibility; we are good stewards of the resources that the College affords us and with the financial support that our alumni and community provide to help us achieve our goals


  Sportsmanship; we create an atmosphere in which winning is important, but where student-athletes learn to participate both as a competitor or spectator with respect for the rules of play and for officials, other competitors or spectators